Update 7/11/2010: Coverage of the event from the Del Mar Times by Steve Perez!

San Diego’s 1st ever SuperHappyDevHouse was a blast and success! Special thanks to Erica and Richard for hosting the hackathon :) We had about 17-18 software + hardware folks (and one reporter! we have no idea how that happened). The venue was perfect, people brought snacks, drinks, lawn chairs, and we ordered pizza. Most of the attendees are not surprisingly, from the San Diego Hacker News meetup.

While the attendance was really great good for the SDSHDH1, I suspect that it would have been as much as 30% higher if the semester was in session as many of those who voiced interest are college students from the nearby UCSD. Below are some pictures and videos from the event. I’m already looking forward to the next one! :) Thanks to all who stopped by—”network effects” is key to having a fun SHDH 😉




  • http://edward.oconnor.cx/ hober

    Where was this announced? I'm sad to have missed it!

  • http://jayliew.com jayliew

    I posted it on the SD Hacker News meetup group http://bit.ly/sdhackernews I thought of mentioning it on the SD Django mailing list too, but as I was new on the list, I was worried that it might come across as spam :/ We'll let you know of the next SHDH. If you're interested, you should join us for the monthly SDHN meetup – I think you'll like it! (and we need more to represent Django 😉

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